Hot Holiday Love!

Elizabeth Arden Holiday Set

Elizabeth Arden Holiday Set

The Best Holiday Gift Set EVER!!!

Elizabeth Arden Holiday Blockbuster Gift Set

You really need glossy red lips for all those Christmas kisses you’ll be getting! And this kit gives you a fabulous, sexy red that will have all the men begging for more. If red’s not your thing, there’s also an incredibly gorgeous Ultraviolet (my fave!) and 2 sensuous nude colors. There’s also 2 lip glosses and 2 lip pencils, so you can kiss all season long! Lure him (or them!) into your web of love with sinfully delicious and long wearing eyeliners, 16 eyeshadows and mascara that promise nights of dark delights. Take it all off with their eye makeup remover, and scare the hell out of him the next morning! This kit also has a set of golden, glittery brushes and a sexy red case.

My Latest Ipsy Bag!

I love getting my Ipsy glam bags every month.  It’s only $10/month and always has great things and really cute makeup bags.  If you love makeup, you should definitely try them.  You can sign up at


So, in this month’s bag (November 2014) I got a really gorgeous silver glitter bag with a hot pink zipper.  My fave product in the bag is the Be A Bombshell eye base in Submissive.  It’s a pretty, shimmery, nude/bronze eye cream.  It goes on easily and looks nice but not overdone.  I’ve tried many things from Be A Bombshell cosmetics and they are all excellent products and beautiful, wearable colors.  I also really liked the mini StarLooks lip gloss in Guilty Pleasure, which is a very nice nude/pink lipgloss that goes on easily and has a nice color to it, and actually looks like the color that’s shown.  The next product was It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye, which says it’s like 8 hours of sleep in a tube.  And I could really use that, because when I wake up I certainly don’t look like those magazine models with sexy bedhead and sultry eyes.  I look like someone beat me up in a back alley, with my hair sticking up all over the place and at least slightly horrifying black eyes.  So, this stuff didn’t make me look like a sexy model, but there was considerable improvement!  I liked it so much, I started putting it everywhere, and soon my face was plastered with it!  It’s a very thick concealer, and you are supposed to warm it on your hand before using it, and pat it on.  For me, it was easy to use too much of it and it was a little thick for me, so I’d probably thin it out with a serum or some moisturizer before I use it again.  I got a small sample tube of SeaRx Microdermabrasion Face & Body Scrub, which smelled really nice, but… if there was any scrubbing stuff in it, I could barely feel it.  I’ve had microdermabrasion done before, and I could DEFINITELY feel it, so I was expecting a lot more from this.  I wouldn’t have known it was a scrub if I hadn’t read it on the tube.  The last product I received was Marc Anthony Oil Of Morocco Volume & Shine Hairspray, and I really liked it, although I don’t use hairspray too much.  It smelled really nice, and did give my hair shine & volume, yet didn’t feel harsh or sticky.

That’s it for this month’s Ipsy bag!  I can’t wait to get my next one!

Holiday Makeup Sets – Bigger is Better! Size DOES Matter!

Does anyone remember the really awesome & HUGE holiday gift sets that cosmetics companies used to put out?? I remember going to the local department stores (such as Macy’s) around here with my friends, and every major company had these gorgeously huge & generous holiday sets that would make us pant, drool, and squeal. They were filled with full sized products, brushes, and some even had a few skin care items. There was A LOT of stuff.  But these magnificent sets have slowly disappeared, and have been replaced by smaller, but more expensive sets – only a few eye shadows, or trial sizes of their regular cosmetics. My inner makeup addict wants to scream, “OMG!!! Is THIS what you call a holiday makeup set? Seriously????” (Sometimes, my outer makeup addict screams this too!) I’m not very impressed with these sets. Sure, some of them are nice, and I’d like to have them, but when I think about the “old” holiday sets, these new ones really are a letdown, no matter how nice they are. Bigger really IS better! Size DOES matter! I really do want to try every color!

One company that still puts out a glorious holiday set is Elizabeth Arden.  I really, really want this set – it looks amazing!

Elizabeth Arden Holiday Set

Elizabeth Arden Holiday Set


The Best Kept Hair Secret!

OMG.  Beauty Proctector Protect & Detangle Spray is SO amazing!  I can’t live without it!  It smells great and unravels even the nastiest knots from my hair, leaving it silky and shiny!  My hair is fine and tends to get frizzy and tangled, but this gives me the glorious hair I’ve always wanted (or at least as close as it’s possible for fine & frazzled hair to get!). Love, love, love!  Best stuff ever!  Did I already say it smells great?  And the bottle is really pretty too. =)  I’ve also tried the Protect and Oil, and that’s great too, but this is my daily, can’t live without fave!!!  You can get it at!

Best stuff ever!

Best stuff ever!